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Grade: AA
Type: Hybrid

QTY: 14 g, 28 g

Chemdog has two undeniable advantages: production and impressive THC (21.5%). The crop yield is 800 grams per m2 in Indore and 800 grams per bush in open ground. The sour, citrus and refreshing taste will emphasize the balanced effect of the strain.

Green House Seeds is an amazing performance of varieties. This is all about flexibility and quality. Chemdog cannabis seeds are endowed with the maximum set of distinctive characteristics that will please every hemp grower.

Description of Cannabis Chemdog

The “parents” of this hybrid are excellent, this is the famous “gangster” O.G. Kush and a solid Sour Diesel. Of course, with such an excellent “genetic set”, the culture turned out to be excellent.

To begin with, it is worth noting that this “dog” is Indo-cannabis. But, experienced hemp growers, manage to get good results in the open ground. The average productivity of the hybrid is 800 grams per m2 in Indore and 1000 grams per bush in open ground. Something is not right.

Lemon “Dog” with a powerful effect

The surprisingly high content of THC – 21.5% will give the grower a whole host of completely unexpected and vivid impressions. The effect, psychosomatic, prolonged, deep with notes, euphoria can not only fill the mind with vivid fantasies but also completely change the perception.

This variety with a sour, citrus, lemon flavor and bright aroma is not for beginners, as it can bring out of reality for a few very long hours.



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Additional information

  • Depressed 7/10
  • A Loss of Appetite 4/10
  • Insomnia 8/10
  • Nausea 6/10
  • Pain 6/10
  • Creative 6/10
  • Euphoric 7/10
  • Happy 9/10
  • Energetic 4/10
  • Relaxed 8/10
  • Highest Test 28%
  • Strain Average 27%
  • Hybrid Average 16%
  • GG4 Average 96/100
  • GG4 Highest 96/100

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