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Blackberry Platinum

Grade: AAA
Type: Hybrid

QTY: 14 g, 28 g

The Platinum Blackberry marijuana variety is famous for its taste – many like the bright bouquet of berries. Indica predominates in genetics, so the patches are quite compact. The flowering period is 8 weeks. The effect brings a feeling of euphoria, relaxes the body and mind.
Blackberry is a feminized indica-dominant auto-color with a rich fruit and berry taste and aroma. Platinum Blackberry has stable genetics of the same name Pakistani variety from the kush family. This variety of marijuana will be a real treat for connoisseurs and gourmets, and its reddish and lilac inflorescences will certainly decorate your garden.

Origin of the variety

To get this unique variety, FastBuds breeders took the Blackberry Kush hybrid derived from Bubba Kush varieties from Pakistan and Blackberry with Afghan roots as the basis. To give the brand automatic qualities, Blackberry Kush was crossed with Canadian ruderalis. The cauliflower turned out to be stable, steady, prone to rapid ripening and abundant trichome production.

Growing specifics

Platinum Blackberry plants look and grow like a pure indica. The bushes are low, stocky, with small internodes and abundant branching. With a stable light mode in the values ​​of 18 by 6, this variety ripens in just two months. Cannabis inflorescences are dense and very resinous, Pakistani roots of the Blackberry variety are affected. Sometimes it seems that the buds are covered with hoarfrost, there are so many snow-white trichomes on them. The aroma distributed during this period is pleasantly fruity, fresh. There are phenotypes that can acquire lilac or red hues as they mature, which makes this unique plant even more attractive.

Taste and Impact

The sweet-spicy fruity taste of Platinum Blackberry with rich berry hues will give gourmets and connoisseurs a treat. The impact is strong, comparable to the effect of high-quality sleeping pills. Thanks to the 20% level of THC, you will fall asleep like an infant and oversleep.



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Additional information

  • Depressed 10/10
  • Insomnia 10/10
  • A Loss of Appetite 5/10
  • Migraines 2/10
  • Euphoric 4/10
  • Happy 9/10
  • Sleepy 6/10
  • Relaxed 10/10
  • Highest Test 30%
  • Strain Average 26%
  • Hybrid Average 14%
  • GG4 Average 95/100
  • GG4 Highest 99/100

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