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AK OG Kush

Grade: AA
Type: Hybrid

QTY: 14 g, 28 g

An indicative dominant hybrid descended from the legend of OG Kush. Taking away all the best from his parent, AK-OG Kush will ride on his wave of pleasure all interested stoners. He is presenting an amazing, fit high, full of positive emotions. AK-OG Kush will cope with stress, free your mind and give you complete bliss and freedom from prejudice, the traps of the mind. You can solve all your problems with one click, while increasing creativity, brain activity, and overall tone.

Features of growing strain

It almost does not smell like a strain from the OG family! It exudes more floral aroma, with subtle notes of citrus: orange and lime in chocolate icing, with the smack of wood bark. The inflorescences of this strain are weighty and have a magic oval shape, rather than round.

In their structure, loose cones are easily aerated and have almost no chance of mold, but the strain also fights against various parasites and insects just as well. The growth of AK-OG Kush does not exceed 60-80 cm, and the full cycle will take 2-2.5 months, for which you can get real happiness for medical users of all stripes who are looking to calm their pains, as well as the ability to effectively and correctly use the potential his plant, which gives bodily relaxation and peace of mind.

The versatility of the effect

AK-OG Kush which forcibly pulls you into the depths of their worlds. With this terrific strain, everything around seems to be sucked in by the abyss – a kind of haze that envelops and drags into your kingdom. The best description of this strain will be the word “noir”, everything around it takes on dark shades and you are at the epicenter of this uncontrolled, but enormous insanity. Meanwhile, the body acquires the severity characteristic of Indica, however, it only supplements the picture.

You want to eat and enjoy the view from the window – a very contemplative variety that will be a nice addition to outdoor recreation when there is no need to rush somewhere. The aroma exuded during flowering is very weak, which makes AK-OG Kush one of the favorites for hidden growing, and the treated inflorescences will delight you with a bouquet of the citrus mix, hardly distinguishable. Be careful, with prolonged contemplation and involvement in the game AK-OG Kush, you can suddenly start talking with this strain, and most surprisingly, it will respond and become an excellent conversationalist!.



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Additional information

  • Migraines 80/100
  • Stress 60/100
  • ADHD Symptoms 35/100
  • Pain 90/100
  • Depressed 20/100
  • Focused 40/100
  • Social 20/100
  • Relaxed 80/100
  • Euphoric 60/100
  • Energetic 100/100
  • Highest Test 22/100
  • Strain Average 22/100
  • Hybrid Average 14/100
  • GG4 Average 98/100
  • GG4 Highest 95/100

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