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AAAA – Small Buds

QTY: 14 g, 28 g

Death Bubba is a representative of India, who quickly gained popularity among growers. The bushes are very compact and feel great in any condition. To taste, the dried crop resembles the popular Pina Colada cocktail. The effect relaxes the body and mind.
This is a very fragrant and fragrant strain, which without exaggeration can be called one of the best-feminized varieties created in the USA. Variety Death Bubba was obtained by crossing such well-known varieties as Good’s Gift and Bubba Kush. The result of long breeding work was a hardy and productive strain with high THC levels of 20%.

Obedient “girl” with strong genetics

Death Bubba cannabis seeds have 80% indica in their composition, and this fully determines the phenotype. The bushes grow stocky, resinous, with dark green dense foliage and strong buds with orange stigma tendrils. At the last stages of flowering, this femme is very pleasing to the eye of growers with beautiful delicate purple and purple shades.
Blooms Death Bubba only 45-50 days – a win-win option for the most impatient, as well as for growers of the temperamental climatic environment. In Indore, Death Bubba marijuana seeds respond well to SCROG techniques and the use of LST, revealing their full potential.

Luxurious “gift” for connoisseurs of indica

Cannabis seeds of Death Bubba evoke readiness for subtle pleasure. The aroma is sophisticated and complex – with many shades that can be revealed indefinitely. The juiciness of grapes and the specific taste of oil products are combined with exotic notes of coconut and tropical fruits, reminiscent of the aroma of the Pina Colada cocktail.
From the very first moment you get to know this marijuana, it will invite gourmets on a fascinating journey into the world of calm and enlightened peace. A deep and long-lasting physical stone-relaxation is accompanied by a slight uplift of mood, which will allow you to get rid of a depressive state, overcome fatigue and relax “tastefully”.



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Type:Indica Strain:Bubba Kings Death Cookies

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