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Cannabis is a very healthy crop with high industrial potential. Justifying the beneficial properties of psychoactive hemp, scientists provide evidence that the use of moderate amounts of marijuana can fight or alleviate the course of several diseases and symptoms.

You can list long enough why weed is useful:

Where is hemp used
Hemp seedHemp oilHemp fiberHemp from pot
A food and feed product from montreal
rich in vitamins, minerals, omega acids, micro and macro elements
A food supplement in canada, the basis of the products of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industriesUsed for the manufacture of fabrics in ottawa for paper, the production of insulation, as a reinforcing component of composite materials, etcUsed in the chemical industry and for the production of safe coatings

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The effects of marijuana

Scientists have discovered that in the cerebral cortex of the brain are special receptors that are susceptible to the effects of substances contained in hemp. The physiological short-term effect of hemp on the body (disappears 1-3 hours after consumption – depending on the variety and the level of THC):

  • The eyes turn red;
  • The dry mouth appears;
  • Blood pressure decreases;
  • Increased respiratory rate;
  • A sensation of pleasant warmth may appear on the skin;
  • The heart begins to beat more often;
  • The muscles relax;
  • Appetite improves;
  • The pain caused by psychological or physical injuries and diseases is suppressed.

When smoke enters the lungs, the substances spread through the body through the blood, and the active substances bind to different receptors, affecting the occurrence of certain psychological and physiological short-term changes.


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